Animation Movies


17 Ocak 2018
It is the type of film that the images are created by drawing or computer. From the beginning, daily animated films have become intertwined with imagination and creativity. In this kind of film, which can express animals and revive objects, stories like children and fairy tales can be easily processed. Nowadays, the animation film genre gives a variety of examples to cover all generations. Since the animation is based on a visualization technique, the subject matter and type can vary as desired.

Animation Film Examples:

Confused Emperor: The selfish emperor, transformed into a lame, finds a way with the help of his new friends and tries to take back the throne.

Nemo: A clown fish has to be thrown into an underwater adventure beyond seas to find his son Nemo, who is kidnapped from his coral reef home.

Coraline: A little girl discovers an alternative world that resembles the world she lives in, but soon will see the true face of everything.

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Anime: It is an animation type whose origins are Japan. This type of gaining popularity from the pre-East and Southeast Asia region has gained followers around the world. Both manual drawing and computer aided visualization methods are used in these productions. Most are produced by a successful comic book, computer game or television series. Because the visual style is very front-panel, most followers see the anime as a snat. In many films it is possible to see the traces of Japanese art and calligraphy art.

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